Monday, June 22, 2015

First things first, Air France has probably the best in flight good I ever had. We had two breakfasts and a dinner with Air France and everything was delicious!
Our flight took us first to France for a connection to Tokyo, we made good use of our six hours wait and took a train to Paris to meet our good friend Dayan who's living there for the past few years, he took us for a real French and gave us a very (very) quick tour of the city since we essentially had one hour to spend together if we wanted to make it back to the airport in time. When reaching the airport the torture started, for guy anyways. Something in the coffee we had for breakfast in Paris must have been wrong with his digestive system since he spent most of the next day in the bathroom, cursing the day Dayan was born.
I had a great flight though.
When landing in Tokyo we again started exploring since we had another 4 hours to burn before our final flight to Aomori, we ate breakfast (guy had plain white rice for his stomach, didn't help.) And toured the quite expensive brand shops around the airport untill it was time for Aomori.
This one was shorter and less then two hours we arrived at our hotel.
When reaching reception we met our first friend in Japan, an American pastor who's married to a japanese woman and came to Aomori to give a sermon. We recognized each other from the flight to Aomori, being the only foreigners on it made it quite the easy task.
When we finally got our room got collapsed from exhaustion and I spent most of the day tired, trying to find information for our next stop, Tappizaki cape.
The day after was spent making sure everything is ready for the great walk. We spent a few hours trying to find an ATM to draw enough cash and then went and bought about 3 weeks worth of food. We kind of went overboard, so much so that some of the food couldn't for in our pack and had to be left out (wayyy too much ramen).
Lastly we remembered we needed gas to actually cook the food or well probably starve. So at last minute we hurried to a camping shop recommended by the hotel to meet the friendliest staff ever. After finding our last items we spent time talking in broken English and Japanese about our trip, Israel, and the beauty of Japan.We have then our Social media and in return they gave us bandanas (I am actually wearing mine as I write this post) and finally we took a selfie together to remember the nice friends we made.
Now it is one AM, our packs are packed and everything is ready, tomorrow we head for Tappizaki cape, and the day after that...
That's when our story begins.

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